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Manicures & Pedicures - Peace & Privacy

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Are Your Feet F*cked Up?

Nail Services for the AlphaMale.


Alphamale Nail Care Services is a barbershop based Man Cave for nail and foot care. We provide men with a comfortable but masculine atmosphere to enjoy self care HIS way. 


Put Your

Don’t be DEFEATED when it comes to matters of the FEET!!

Our team of Advanced Medically trained Nail Technicians have firsthand knowledge of the shame and embarrassment many men have concerning their feet.


Our Story.

After experiencing her father’s battle with diabetes, including toe amputation and eventual death, Sheena Pickett created Alphamale Nail Care Services.


While there may be a nail salon on every corner, many lack the skills, knowledge and atmosphere to provide quality foot care to men. Sheena saw and met that need.


The company’s barbershop-based mancaves are a haven for self-care. Our team embraces the sock snagging, sheet shredding, leg scratchers; Men from every walk of life are welcome.


Alphamale’s staff is medically trained and “licensed to kill” calluses, smooth cracks and corns, hydrate hands and heel, thin thickened, discolored toenails.


Together, they eliminate the shame and embarrassment many men have against their feet.

I love what I do and it shows! Thank you Chicora Miller for allowing me to serve the Kings
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