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The studio of the best nail salon for men in Charlotte NC

Alpha Male Nail Care

About Us

Discover the Premier Nail Salon for Men in Charlotte NC

"How can you wear $200 shoes with $2 feet...Make it make sense!" -Sheena Pickett

The founder of Alpha Male Nail Care in Charlotte NC

Our Founder

Meet The Owner of the Best Nail Salon for Men in Charlotte NC

Sheena Pickett started Alpha Male Nail Care Services because her father had diabetes. His diabetes led to a toe amputation and eventually his passing. This event created a spark within Sheena to make a change within the nail salon industry. She wanted to create a nail salon for men in Charlotte NC, that redefined male grooming and standards.

While there may be a nail salon on every corner, many lack the skills, knowledge and atmosphere to provide quality foot care to men. Sheena saw this issue within the market and met that need creating a nail salon for men and only men. Sheena is a creative and passionate entrepreneur who has recognized hidden potential in a non-conventional idea. She leads her team and inspires change in the men that her and her team serve.

See The Alpha Male Difference

Who We Are

Alpha Male Nail Care Services is a unique nail salon for men, created to redefine male grooming. We understand that most nail salons don't cater to the specific needs of men. This gap in the market inspired us to provide a space where men can receive the quality nail care they deserve. Our founder saw the need for a specialized nail salon for men and turned this vision into a reality.

At Alpha Male Nail Care Services, we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable, masculine environment. We believe that men deserve the same level of care and attention in their grooming routines. Our team is passionate about providing top-notch service, ensuring every client feels valued and cared for.

We aren't just a nail salon for men; we're a community dedicated to enhancing men's health and confidence. Our mission is to set a new standard in men's grooming, making Alpha Male the go-to nail salon for men in Charlotte NC.

A picture of the logo on the wall of Alpha Male Nail Care
A customer getting the ultimate care at the best nail salon for men in Charlotte NC

What We Do

At Alpha Male Nail Care Services, we focus on providing exceptional nail care tailored specifically for men. Many men struggle to find a nail salon that offers the right skills and atmosphere. We address this by offering a range of services designed to meet men's unique needs. From professional manicures to thorough pedicures, our services are all about quality and comfort.

Our skilled technicians can help with common issues such as calluses and nail health. They will keep your hands and feet looking their best. We use the best techniques and products to provide top-tier care in a masculine setting. Our goal is to create an environment where men feel comfortable and confident in their grooming choices.

Looking forward, Alpha Male Nail Care Services is dedicated to expanding our offerings and reaching more men who deserve superior nail care. Experience the difference at our nail salon for men, where your health and confidence are our top priorities.


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