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Services and Prices

Let us introduce you to customized nail care services that are specifically designed to cater and relax.



Waterless pedicure suitable for the AlphaMale that has to #GroomandGo. Targeting those that have a monthly maintenance regiment. This service promotes safety and sanitation.

Includes Manicure, callus + cuticle care.

*Diabetic Friendly

Combo $60 @ 1 hour

Maintenance Manicure $25 @ 30 minutes

Maintenance Pedicures $40 @ 30 minutes




Medical grade sports pedicure suitable for the “Active AlphaMale” targeting discolored + thick toenails due to foot trauma. This service promotes restoration + rehabilitation with upgrades including manicure w/ steamed towels; callus + cuticle care w/Anti-fungal products. Reflexology and moisturizing golf ball massage w/ CBD oil.

Combo $100 @ 1.5 hours



Waterless pedicure suitable for ALL AlphaMales but intended for the Gentleman determined to de(FEET) diabetes!! Targeting discolored + thick toenails due to numbness + poor circulation. This service promotes safety + sanitation. Includes a steamed towel Manicure.

Combo $70 @ 1.5 hours



Waterless pedicure suitable for the AlphaMale in search of some #selfcare.This service promotes rest + relaxation with upgrades including extended moisturizing foot massage infused with CBD oil + sugar scrub.

Includes callus + cuticle care and Manicure with steamed towels.

Combo $80 @ 1.5 hours

AlphaMale: Groom's


The "Cold Feet" Combo

Congratulations on your Nuptials or Anniversary!!!

The "Cold Feet" Combo

Click for Details

$225  @ 3 hours

AlphaMale: Birthday Package


Celebration fit for a KING!!!

Package Includes:

Combo of your Choice

Complementary UberEats + Cocktail

Free Birthday Gift

$125  @ 2 hours


Does your SOLE need a Makeover?

This Microdermabrasion Foot Facial is designed to strip away layers of rough dead skin and callus that is found on the soles. With just one treatment the results will knock you off your feet! Schedule every 2 to 3 months.


Includes exfoliation, chemical peel masque, shape + shorten toe nails. Complete with a lower leg/foot massage and Manicure.


Allow 7-10 days for calluses to disappear. Combo $70 @ 1.5 hours

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